In Year 1 and 2, as part of our Digital Learning lessons, we have been learning how to use computers. We learnt about blogs and decided to put one together for this newsletter. We chose ‘how we are making our school greener’ as the subject matter.

We took pictures of the compost bin, our wormery, the wind turbine and the solar panels using ipads.

We also interviewed Mrs Fearne, who runs the school Eco Warriors group. 

Here are our findings…..

Composting – the vegetable and fruit peelings from the kitchen at school are put into a special bin, and our school Eco Warriors empty it out into the compost heap every day. This reduces the amount of rubbish we throw away each week, and produces compost for us to grow plants in.

Wormery – the worms in Miss Henley’s classroom digest the fruit peelings from snack time and coffee grounds from the staff room and turn it into compost and plant food.

Recycling – we recycle paper, glass and tins to help reduce our rubbish, but also to save money. The Eco Warriors are working hard to run this in school.

Solar panels – we have solar panels on the main school roof which helps us to reduce the amount of electricity we pay for, as we make our own. Mrs Fearne has asked us as a school to start turning off lights in rooms that aren’t being used.

Biomass Boiler – we use wood pellets to run our school heating system.

Thank you for reading this, we hope you enjoyed it,

Love from

Year 1 and Year 2 xxxxx