Our staff are our finest asset and their drive and passion set us apart from other schools. Our teachers are specialists, meaning they are experts in their specific field as opposed to a ‘jack-of-all- trades’ teacher, delivering a range of different subjects. Many of our staff members still work within their field, meaning that they also serve as windows for your child into a specific profession. Children are therefore able to glean on the experience of multiple professional and established role-models, rather than staff working exclusively within the teaching profession.

Our staff’s experience extends beyond their subject areas and into the realms of education. Being an expert doesn’t mean you can teach, and so the rigorous recruitment process for all Burton Hathow staff is designed to ensure that our teachers are able to convey their knowledge, passion, and enthusiasm in a way that is accessible for our students. Our ethos and shared vision is also at the forefront of our application processes, as are safeguarding and safety measures.