Our school fees are competitive and cover many of the additional costs that you might associate with schooling and childcare. Home-cooked, wholesome lunches are prepared and served as part of our fees, and before and after school care – quite often costly to parents – is also provided within the school’s fee structure. An array of clubs are offered, saving parents and guardians both time and money in the evenings and weekends. Swimming lessons are also included.

Each year we run a scholarship assessment day and we welcome all applicants who wish to apply for a scholarship in academia, sport, music, drama, and/or art. Any child who visits us on one of these days and shows outstanding potential in one of these areas may be offered a scholarship. Children are given additional guidance by specialist staff and placed on a high potential learners programme. As part of their scholarship offer, your child will also receive a discretionary discount from their annual school fees.

Bursaries are considered for families facing financial hardship and those who, for numerous reasons, may find the payment of full fees beyond their reach. An application for a bursary is means tested and a percentage discount may be offered. Not all applicants will be granted a bursary.