It is so wonderful to be all back together again. I know that, unlike many other schools, we were able to welcome back all years before the summer holidays, but it feels even more special this term. There have been so many changes. Classrooms moved and decorated, the yurt spruced up and ready to use. We will be outside a much as we possibly can and we are very pleased to have all our extra sinks so that we can wash our hands and be back to class ready to learn knowing that we are keeping each other safe. Our first three weeks will focus on transition and then all the children will move to their new teachers and their new classrooms!

This year I really want us to focus on our happiness. After all, BH’s nickname is the Be Happy school, our pupils named us that. And, during this time of difficulty, focusing on our happiness and our attitudes of gratitudes can really help our own well-being and the well-being of our whole community. But sometimes life is tricky, things go wrong and our self-esteem takes a knock. So, I have a way to stop this from happening. I want our whole school community: children, staff and parents to focus our happiness on not how good, right or smart we are but on how much we have learnt. That way we will not shy away of trying something new or taking risks in fear of failure. We will welcome new challenges and experiences with open arms! I want each day for us to think about how we can be better today than we were yesterday and how tomorrow we can be better than today. Each day, growing as better learners!