🌿 Unlocking the wonders of outdoor learning at Lincoln Burton Hathow Prep! 🍃 Last week our Reception class delved into STEM adventures, exploring nature’s classroom. 🪱 Maths came to life as wiggly worms became the measure of the day as well as Mrs Bowden’s shoe! Each child, armed with woolly companions, embarked on a centimeter cube quest with Miss Smith ensuring straightness and precision. 📏#OutdoorEducation#STEMAdventures#ChildLedLearning#RealLifeMaths

📚 Storytime intertwined with learning, as ‘If the Shoe Fits’ captivated young minds, emphasizing the importance of measuring. 📏✨ #MeasureUp #LearningThroughStories #InterestLedLearning

🦔 Transitioning from worms to hedgehogs later in the week, the discovery unfolded! Did you know hedgehogs boast 5000-7000 spines and legs up to 10cm? 🍂 Reception’s budding scientists/mathematicians measured twigs, mastering the art of precision with bradawls and hammers. 📐🔨#NatureExplorers#HandsOnLearning#ChildhoodCuriosity

🌟 Real-life experiences, sparking curiosity, and embracing the joy of discovery! 🌳#LearningBeyondClassroom#PrepSchoolAdventures#MathsInEverydayLife