The new science lab has certainly been put to use this term with all year groups enjoying practical science.

Year 3 have begun their scientific careers looking at the properties and uses of materials. They have categorised materials as solids, liquids and gases, looked at examples of each (including an experiment involving purple iodine vapour). They have also investigated electrical conduction in metals.

Year 4 have been studying light and, in particular investigating light sources and shadows. They have used the ray boxes to investigate how the sizes and positions of shadows change when the positions of the light sources, objects and screens change. They have also begun to investigate reflection and refraction, which they will be continuing with in Year 5.

Year 5 have been working on the second electricity topic of the science course. They have investigated series and parallel circuits, measured voltage and current and built motors.

Year 6 have been studying forces, including gravity, forces on moving objects, balanced and unbalanced forces, speed, pressure and magnetism.