Mr Nowell says “Music makes you cleverer!”

Apart from being a wonderful means of self-expression, improving our social interactions and supporting our mental health and well-being, neuro-science is now able to show the effects on the brain of playing a musical instrument.  It turns out that this is one of the very few human activities that lights up almost the entire brain – and it’s this “whole brain” action that makes it so powerful, laying down new pathways and connections between different areas of the brain.  This in turn enables us to learn other things more effectively, and the brains of musicians have actually been shown to be physically larger than non-musicians!  Music is a Great Learning Facilitator, and encouraging your child to play a musical instrument could be the best investment in their education that you could make.

At Mr Nowell’s Music Education Cabaret we learned about the cross-curricular impact that learning an instrument can have on a child’s development across the board. It was a fascinating evening, enjoyed by everyone who attended. If you missed out this time, don’t worry, Mr Nowell will be holding another extravaganza next term!