See below an article by Connie, in year 3, explaining what happened when she went to help out at Lincoln University’s Paramedic Scenario Day.

Mummy hurt her leg (pretend) and I had to act sad, upset and worried. Mummy had makeup on her leg and people using the Hedgehog Bridge, in Lincoln, Brayford, thought it was real! Some college teenage students watched as a proper paramedic looked after mummy and me. They put a splint on her leg and pretended to give mummy pain relief in her arm and oxygen through a mask. The students had to learn how to look after me/children as it would be very scary if it was for real. I acted it out 6 times and watched other people pretending to be hurt.

Scenario 2

In this scenario I pretended, with my big brother, Henry, to have fallen from a tall bale stack on a farm. Henry pretended to break his leg and I pretended to have a big graze on my head. When we had finished, the student paramedics taught me how to look after a poorly patient, ventilate them by squeezing a bag of air into them and use an intra-osseous drill (medicine into a bone).

Well done, Connie, what a great experience!