During the Summer Term the whole of Year 2 rose to the challenge of remote learning from home during lockdown.

We stuck to our timetable and really enjoyed ‘being together’ remotely, and as a class we journeyed through lockdown together and grew sunflowers, butterflies and watched toads and ducklings growing, sharing our daily experiences with our classmates which helped us to feel connected to our BH family. We enjoyed reading and sharing stories, including those by author Anthony Brown,  together which helped us to talk about any worries that we had, whilst expanding our knowledge of writing techniques and character profiles. 

The children worked hard on their Maths, and we revised the four functions and I am pleased to say that all children have made progression and in particular with their times tables. In Topic, we have loved our work on the Weather, which has included presenting weather forecasts, observing and recording our own weather, making wind streamers and studying two locations with extreme weather differences, Antarctica and Guatemala. During lockdown, the class researched and presented specific facts about Antarctica, and since returning to school we have looked at conditions within Guatemala. We have made Worry Dolls, and have used our linguistic skills to talk about weather conditions and describe our Worry Doll clothing in Spanish.

It has been a very different Summer Term and also a very special one in many ways, I am so proud of how hard Year 2 children have worked, but would also like to thank all parents for their endless and constant support. Our last few weeks back at school together have been lovely, and I am really looking forward to getting our Year 2’s ready in September for Upper School when they transition to Year 3 in October.

Miss Henley x