We can’t quite believe we are half way through the academic year already! We have made sure we have packed this half term full of wonderful learning experiences, and can’t wait to add more!

In Literacy, we have focused our learning on poems with a theme, and because our Topic title is ‘Let’s Build’, our poetry unit has been based on houses and homes. We have read a wonderful book, called ‘A House That Once Was’, which evoked some deep and meaningful conversations, with a high level of maturity. We have written our own poems about a cellar creature, and even managed to add some rhyme in there! We are looking forward to writing a story based on this book, but with our very own dream home as the setting!

In Maths, we have been exploring two-digit numbers, looking at place value, ten more and ten less, and number bonds from six to ten. We have been working hard to fine tune our addition skills, finding patterns within number to help us along our way, and we have recapped our knowledge of money and value. The children loved working with real coins, and finding various ways to make the same value of money! We moved on to weight and measure, which is a lovely, practical unit to do! We will be moving on to time soon, which is always a fun unit for our little ones to learn! 

In Topic, we have loved finding out about our homes and local area! We learnt which type of house we reside in, found it on Google Earth, which was great fun, and wrote a letter to a loved one, using their address! We then made the most of the glorious winter sunshine, and made our way down the lane to post our letters! We forgot how good it felt to be out and about, and although we have experienced some form of normality of late, we are looking forward to enhancing our learning even more over the next few months! We conducted an experiment, based on The Three Little Pigs story, and were tasked to build a house that would withstand the blast from a hairdryer out of many different materials, including spaghetti and marshmallows, Lego, sticks, paper straws and other bits and bobs. It was brilliant fun!  Mr Halse visited us to explain how he built ‘Halse Hall’ which was wonderful, and inciteful! And through a close member of our BH family, we are beginning to make links with a school in Uganda, which we are really looking forward to developing! We have sent them some questions that we have about school life over there, and have shared some of our experiences from here, too. 

All in all, a very busy but enjoyable half term!

We look forward to next half term, where hopefully we will be seeing more of this beautiful sunshine!

Best wishes

Miss Henley and Mrs Wells. X