We have had a lovely start to the summer term, and have begun our new topic of ‘the circle of life’ with great enthusiasm! In Year 1 and 2 we have been looking at poetry, Year 1 have produced some beautiful shape poems on animals, and Year 2 have been looking at the features of a poem and have entered their Acrostic poems into a national poetry competition. After half term Year 1 will be looking at ‘Superheroes’ and Year 2 will be looking closely at the work of Anthony Browne.

In Maths Year 1 and 2 have completed work on fractions. Year 1 then moved on to measurement, while Year 2 have started to look at different strategies for addition and subtraction and problem solving.

At the start of term both year groups went down to Hathow Lake to use our new pond dipping equipment (kindly bought for us by The Owls) and we looked at our findings under the microscope. Year 2 then went on to make some fantastic dragonfly larvae wheelie bugs and Year 1 made some pretty butterfly suncatchers. Through our topic work based in the Savannah we have also produced some terrifying lions and have learned about Aboriginal art and made some beautiful kangaroos which will be hopping their way home shortly.

Our duck eggs are currently incubating and fingers crossed we have some fluffy new arrivals when we get back after half term. The weeks are whizzing by and we have so much to fit in when we get back from the holidays, but we are all looking forward to the Animalympics……more details to follow shortly!

Have a wonderful holiday,

Mrs Wells and Miss Henley xx