In science this term Year 4 have been studying the first of the animals topics – the invertebrate groups. They have learnt about putting animals into groups and the characteristics of the five main classes of vertebrates, using keys to identify living things, adaptations of living things to their habitats and food chains and webs. They have used the microscopes to look at some cells. Year 5 have progressed to the second human biology topic, covering organs and systems of the body. As part of this they have recently watched a heart and lungs dissection. As we don’t do this experiment very often, we invited years 6 and 4 along as well, together with a few braver members of year 3.Year 6 have been continuing their studies of the material world, focusing on atoms, molecules and chemical changes. This has involved some challenging experimental work for pupils of this age, culminating in an experiment involving burning magnesium metal. After half term, they will be moving on to investigate the behaviour of acids.