Year 4 have completed two topics this term. Light – in which they have used the ray boxes to investigate shadows and the ways in which light passes through different materials and cells and classification, which included using the microscopes to invstigate the cells making up the ski of an onion.

Year 5 have completed the topics on electricity, using the power packs and simple components to make series and parallel circuits, measure voltage and current and build a simple motor.

They have done a unit on the Earth in Space, investigating the orbit and spin of the Earth, the other planets in the Solar System and the influences of their respective distances from the Sun and their atmospheres. We have also looked at the history of and technology associated with the moon landings.

Year 6 have completed the topic on Forces (including measuring he speed of a toy car and investigating parachutes) and are currently working on a chemistry topic involving elements and the Periodic Table, the differences between chemical an physical changes and the reactions of acids and alkalis. They will be continuing with this next term.