Year 3 have been studying aspects of human biology. This has included the uses of the skeleton, the heart and lungs, measuring pulse rate and looking at the effects of exercise on pulse rate.

Year 4 have been working mainly on classification of vertebrate animals and the characteristics of the five main vertebrate groups. They have also used the microscopes to look at cells – all under the expert guidance of Mr. Millard. We have recently moved on to the forces topic, beginning by looking at magnets and using iron filings to see the pattern of the magnetic field around a bar magnet.

Year 5 have completed the work on the Earth in Space and have studied things like the movement of the Earth and the Moon, the phases of the Moon and the conditions on other planets. They have also caught up on some experiments from the light topic which they missed out on during the first lockdown – using the ray boxes to investigate both reflection and refraction of light.

Year 6 have begun their work on the Periodic Table and Chemical Changes. They have been learning about atoms and molecules and the way in which substances are held together and change. They are just beginning a section of work on combustion and will then be moving on to some experiments involving acids and the reactivity of metals.