What a busy term it has been! It has been really lovely to be back together, learning in and out of the classroom. This term has seen the start of French for years 3-7. It has been lots of fun, catchy songs, making fortune tellers to practise French greetings and of course a little French baguette to finish off the term 

Reception have made amazing progress this term, we have learned the foods associated with the hungry caterpillar story and used the newly acquired language to write shopping lists, buy food in the reception shop and give their opinions on the food they bought, in the café.

Year 1 &2 have been learning about body parts. We enjoyed lots of role play in the doctor’s office and more recently learning about our senses.

Year 3 have been learning some grammar and how to describe school items to encourage them to speak more Spanish in the classroom. Fantástico!

In Year 4 we have been learning about Juan Miró, drawing our own pictures made entirely of shapes and using our new grammar skills to describe the pictures, focusing on adjective agreement, sentence order and prepositions. Excellent work as this is something I would normally do with an older class.

Year 5 have learned about free time activities, sports and frequency and have produced some excellent written work 

Year 6 have worked really hard this term and have been learning about famous Spanish Cities and researching areas to create their own description, ready to work on a tourist booklet next term.

Well done to everyone for the enthusiasm you have all continued to show and I look forward to our Spain trip with years 4-6 in June 2022!