It has been great to have a full and exciting half term at Burton Hathow. 

We have been looking at everything food related, including Tapas, mealtimes, and ordering food, in Year 6 and the children are looking forward to our outing to Olé Olé in June to put their language skills to practise!

 Year 5 have been practising their vocabulary from free time activities and used it to arrange meetings, with lots of fun role plays and speaking work, including a live lesson link up with the Year 5 teacher in Cordoba.

 Year 4 have been learning how to tell the time and talk about their daily routine, they enjoyed trying some breakfast items and were excited to find out Spanish breakfasts features pastries and cakes!

Year 3 are learning about Birthday celebrations and are going to put their newly acquired vocabulary to use, planning a birthday party and creating their own piñatas.

Nursery and Reception have been learning the stories and vocabulary associated with ‘caperucita roja’ (little red riding hood) and we are looking forward to working with the reception class of the ‘Virgen de Carmen’ school in Cordoba in live lessons next term.

This terms’ language focus is Italy and the children have been learning greeting and introductions in Italian, each week tutors select the ‘high flyers’ of the group to feature in the ‘language lounge’ to receive a commendation as a reward for their efforts. Grazie!