What a term it has been! I am so incredibly proud of everyone’s achievements this term. In spite of the changes we have all had to make. Learning from home, Teams lessons, Independent projects and an online parent’s evening too! I have seen outstanding commitment and progress in Spanish.

Reception have brightened up my Monday mornings, describing their pets, in Spanish, singing along with pet and adjective songs and reading stories too!

Year 1 &2 have been learning about Countries as part of their topic work. We had some great impromptu singing and actions ‘Norte/Sur/Este/Oueste!’ and the children have astounded me with their work describing weather, location and countries in their sentences.

Year 3 have adapted so well to writing much more Spanish, they have been writing their own rhyming books with bizarre animals..some 13 pages long!!! Wow!!

We have learned about family members, with some amazing celebrity families in Year 4. Year 5 have learned about free time activities, musical instruments and giving opinions and produced some really amazing written work!

Year 6 have been using Spanish lessons to go ‘on holiday’. Planning places we would like to visit, what activities we would do and places we would visit during our stay.

Well done to everyone for the enthusiasm you have all continued to show you are all amazing  