Caterpillars: We have been practicing counting up to 10, playing lots of silly songs and games like ’Ten in the bed’ and paying for items around the classroom and counting the coins. We have also been incorporating our manners, especially ‘gracias’.

Butterflies: We have spent lots of time playing games such as ‘Veo veo’ (I spy) and ‘Caliente/Frio’ (Hot/Cold). Whenever stickers have been handed out we have used ‘gracias’, ‘por favor’ and ‘de nada’ to make full use of our manners.

Reception: We have been learning different body parts by looking at gingerbread people biscuits, how to make healthy flapjacks and naming the ingredients in Spanish. We have worked well on counting up to 20 and practicing this by looking at pictures of ‘abejas’ (bees) and counting as many as possible.

Year 1: We have had a lot of fun playing playground games. We started off with the Fishing game, then learned a silly dance and song for days of the week to  the Postman game, a clapping game about chocolate, talked about some Spanish breakfast foods and finished by learning about a mouse that collects your teeth!

Year 2: We each took turns at a doctor’s surgery to say what was wrong with us and what we advise to help with the problem. Then we moved onto the topic of jungle animals. We can name lots of them, describing some of their characteristics and have started to write simple sentences about them.

Year 3: We have been learning to name school subjects and then made iMovies to showcase both our creative skills and our Spanish accents. We pretended to be robots and gave commands in Spanish to each other, which we carried out with gusto. We finished by naming some places around the town and showcasing some of our personal favourites, which we shared in a presentation.

Year 4: We have been looking at rooms in the house and then focusing on furniture. We focused on Piet Mondrian when looking at designing some of the furniture. We each made a mini house out of paper.

Year 5: As the holidays are quickly approaching, we have been learning about la playa (the beach). Each student chose to work on their own or in a small group to share their vocabulary on reasons to go to the beach. They had fun using their collaborative and creative skills, everything from using cubes to miming the activities.

Year 6: We started this half term by reading a script of a terrible waiter. We discussed what he was doing wrong and what he was supposed to have done. We then wrote some simple paragraphs about ourselves and read them out loud, creating QR codes for their Secondary language teachers to listen to their pronunciation. Year 6, you have been an absolute pleasure to teach and I wish you well on your future language learning in your new schools.

In French club we have been learning about the weather and acting out the conditions to showcase. Lots of focus has been placed on pronunciation, particularly with regards to silent letters at the ends of words.