Hola a todos. We have been having LOTS of creative fun in our Spanish lessons this half term.

Caterpillars have been practicing saying if they are feeling bien 😊 or mal ☹, working on counting objects in Spanish and introducing themselves. 

Butterflies have been naming lots of insects in Spanish, naming some animals and are currently learning the words to Itsy Bitsy Spider in Spanish.

Reception have been making insects out of Play-Doh, describing them and saying which they like and don’t like. This was also a good opportunity for students to name insects and animals in other languages.

Y1 can name at least 10 animals, give their opinions of them, share their favourite animals and have been learning a silly tongue twister about a dog.

Y2 have been working on the 5 steps to growing a flower, from planting the seed to watching the flowers appear. They worked hard to write the sentences in Spanish as well as acting out the 5 steps in small groups.

Y3 are working on naming lots of school subjects and giving their opinions and adding reasons for their opinions. They enjoyed using Play-Doh to showcase their new vocabulary, demonstrating their lovely pronunciation.

Y4 have been designing their own theme parks. We started by looking at some of the fair rides in Spanish and then adding in some of the treats that you may enjoy there. Some drew a map whilst others made their rides out of Play-Doh.

Y5 have been working hard to name lots of items of clothing, understand why the colour words may change depending on the gender of the words and saying who is wearing the clothing. As a treat, they are going to wear their home clothes in their next Spanish lesson and describe what they and others are wearing. We will use this as an opportunity to include new adjectives.

Y6 have been getting hungry each lesson learning about Spanish tapas, sharing their opinions of each of the foods and looking at some less appealing delicacies. They will soon have the opportunity to try some of the foods and give more adjectives to back up their opinions.

In French club we have been making instructional videos to teach others how to say simple phrases about ourselves, including sports we do and don’t play.

We will also be trying to count in lots of different languages as we skip through the month of June to raise money for Cancer Research UK.