Caterpillars have now enjoyed a full term of Spanish and are becoming very vocal in their lessons. They have practiced saying four colours and learning fun actions to go with each of the words. Caterpillars enjoy being on the television and saying words in Spanish to the rest of the group. They have started practising counting to five and enjoy praising others in Spanish for good work.

Butterflies learnt the words for tall and short to describe various items. They then focused on the word for short by looking at insects. They have named some, listened to songs about them, made their own versions out of plasticine and counted how many in a jar.

Reception read a Spanish story about a monster who made a soup. They used some of the structure to design their own stories about foods that they wanted in their soup. They recorded their voices as well as drawing each page to share with others. They then started on the topic of clothing, finding some clothing in the classroom and naming what it is. Reception enjoyed cutting out their paper dolls and saying what they are wearing, including the colour.

Year 1 have spent a lot of time learning about fruits. It started with looking at which fruit words they could recognise by what they sound and look like. They then played lots of games to practise listening to and saying the words, including ‘veo veo’ (I spy) and rolling a die to see who could name the most fruits first. On the last day of the term they will be making fruit kebabs and asking for the fruits in Spanish.

Year 2 have been learning about rooms in the house. They started by reading the book ‘Un poco de paz’ (Peace at last) to identify some of the rooms. They then were given various photos of furniture and needed to sort them into the rooms in the house in Spanish. This topic culminated in making a little paper house with lots of Spanish vocabulary inside to teach others at home. 

Year 3 have learnt lots of vocabulary on foods and drinks, perfecting their bilingual dictionary skills and then writing, rehearsing and showcasing simple role plays in a café, ordering foods and drinks. To make it more realistic they each enjoyed an ice cream after they had ordered their helados.

Year 4 have been practicing naming parts of the face and then the body and using art work to describe what they could see, with the main focus being on Picasso. They particularly enjoyed making new creatures and describing them in as much detail as possible.

Year 5 have learnt about breakfast foods and drinks, which then led to them taking photos of their breakfast at home and talking about it in their lesson. They also looked at naming how often they have these particular foods and drinks. After working so hard on conjugating ‘desayunar’ they got to enjoy some churros, making sure to use the correct ending of the verb to match with who was eating the food.

Year 6 have been naming places in their local area. They have focused on lots of reading skills to name some places in Spain and using cardinal points to find where they are. Year 6 have focused lots of grammar to help to find mistakes in sentences and to know when extra letters are needed for plurals.

French club have been focusing on describing themselves and others. Everything from their name and age to hair and eye colour and even talking about character traits. There has been lots of focus on French pronunciation and they have had fun reading some of the phonics poems out loud.