!Hola! I am sure that you have seen students bringing home Spanish stickers, talking about the ‘talking box’ and getting excited about who will get to hold the finger puppets next.

In Nursery we have been practicing introducing ourselves, learning about colours and saying what we like and don’t like. When listening to songs we are clapping or jumping when we hear key words.
In Reception we have been practicing singing Happy Birthday, introducing other people, asking questions and playing lots of games to get us speaking and listening.
In Year One we have been practicing using our manners in Spanish, listening to stories and picking out key words as well as writing some of them onto paper.
In Year Two we have looked at the order of nouns and adjectives, as well as starting to look at naming body parts to design our own monsters.
In Year Three we have been looking at our emotions, asking people how they feel and understanding why we need to use ‘estoy’ instead of ‘soy’.
In Year Four we have been mastering the use of a bilingual dictionary, knowing to use the start for Spanish and the end for English. From there we are now looking for words for animals and devising ways to remember more complex vocabulary, as well as knowing if the words are masculine or feminine. This has then often determined the colour word.
In Year Five we have been mastering the use of Ser and Estar, one for permanent and the other for temporary.
In Year Six we are writing sentences to describe family members, talking about their personality as well as physical description.

I have also had the pleasure of meeting some of the parents in morning club, by the playground before school and most recently at the Owls PTA Bangers and Bingo evening. Thank you to you and the children for making me feel so welcome. I have throughly enjoyed my first half term at Burton Hathow and I hope that they are sharing their Spanish learning at home.

Hasta luego
Señora Oldfield