It has been a busy and exciting term at Burton Hathow. We have been learning vocabulary and adjectives to describe towns in Year 6. The children have been looking at recognising language patterns and used it to memorise a poem called ‘La plaza tiene una torre’ by Antonio Machado. They all did a fantastic job and enjoyed recording their recitals. Year 5 have learned to tell the time in Spanish and have used this to describe their mealtimes and their daily routine. Year 4 have been looking at dates and months, and now, Birthday celebrations including the differences in how we celebrate in both countries. They have enjoyed watching episodes of Pocoyo.

Lower school have been describing themselves as part of the ‘marvellous me’ topic and more recently we have read the Rainbow Fish and learned at the vocabulary for sea creatures. The children enjoyed acting out the play and making vocabulary cards. In Nursery we have learned about body parts and the senses. Playing doctor and saying what is needed to make the patient feel better. The new songs for the topic have been very popular!

 In Italian club we have been very busy! We have been learning how to introduce ourselves and have a short conversation. We then moved onto the more exciting topic of Italian gelato and recreated our own Italian Gelateria where the children ordered their own Gelato. Delizioso!!