This term saw year 3 forage in the woods to create their own ‘nature’ paintbrushes. Using a selection of paint and mixed mud and clay they made marks and discussed which worked well. (Moss and dried grassed were the most popular). Later they painted snowdrops onto their chosen section to show spring growth breaking through the forest floor. 

Year 4 designed puppets, forming the heads and facial features from papier-mâché,  followed by modroc. 

Once hair and clothing was added they all looked superb. 

Year 5 continued with their work on perspective, drawing shapes and colouring in blocks of colour, all very striking. 

Year 6 worked with Gutta and drew their designs directly onto T-shirts. They worked extremely hard and overcame a few difficulties to produce some wonderful work. 

Years 3 & 4 also used willow coppiced from our woodland to weave a wreath and decorate for their mums. Year 5 & 6 amazed me with their individual houses, complete with a personal message for their mums. It  has been a pleasure covering for Mrs Burch.