We began the term with everyone contributing to the making of an art installation in the main reception.  Each child made and named a penguin to sit as part of the colony, art club adding environmental slogans for the penguins to champion.

It is titled ‘Protect our Penguins’ and introduces the children to the concept that art has the power to convey ideas and to influence thinking.

In year 6 the children have been learning how to use resist techniques on fabric and then to apply fabric paints.  This is challenging and requires both patience and a steady hand.  Results to date are good!

In year 5 the children have learnt how to use one point perspective, and this has been the practice this half term. The children have really enjoyed this new way of drawing; work continues next term.

The theme of puppets is the focus for this term for year 4 and the children have successfully made ‘pop-up’ puppets using a range of techniques that have included cutting wood, using hot glue and stitching. The puppets are on display in the hall foyer for everyone to see.

In year 3 the children have been drawing ‘portraits’ of hares, thinking about where to place an image on a page and understanding the effect of extending the drawings beyond the page. They have tried to build the drawing up using marks so that the hare appears to have ‘fur’ rather than a hard pencil outline. They have learnt the method of wet-into-wet watercolour painting.

For year 2, in keeping with the curriculum theme this term of dragons, year 2 have drawn imaginary dragons, built a den out of mod-roc and made miniature sculptural models of dragons. 

In extra-curricular work art club are building imagined tree houses.  Branches from the forest have been secured into weighted pots and a series of platform and swings already attached. There is an abundance of inspiration in full flow and I fully expect to see slides, tunnels, swimming pools, dens, flag and rope ladders emerge!