As always, the last few weeks before Christmas call for our artists to make seasonal pieces. Years 1 through to 5 have made Christmas cards, Years 1 and 2 made beaded, beribboned wire tree decorations and Year 5 have been using their clay stamps to make decorations as well as drinks coasters. The damp weather has not enabled enough drying time for the clay though so these pieces will emerge from the kiln in January. 
Collectively we have championed the ‘Children in Need’ day, discussing, drawing and painting ‘Pudsey’. 
Year 3 have completed their ‘Artist book’ with free drawing and leaf printing, whilst Year 4 have been designing, making and testing their kites. Flight day was windy and sunny and great results were achieved! Year 5 worked in clay, made and tested string printing blocks and concluded the term with mono printing. Year 6 made stunning wire and mod-roc human figures in the style of Giacometti and have truly developed their stitching skills with their 3D fabric figures.

A truly great end to the term. Well done to all the Burton Hathow artists.