Over this half term I have focused the curriculum towards design and making. All the children have had opportunities to work with many different materials, in different ways.  
In years 1 and 2 the ‘Wheely Bugs’ became a delight as the children learnt about the principles of axels, bearings and friction. Their determination to create, enabled everyone to overcome the challenges of construction, it truly was a wonderful sight to see the bugs being wheeled down the school drive to go home! We took our attention then to finding mini beast in the forest, drawing them and then translating the sketches into good observational drawings in the classroom.
In years 3 and 4 the theme has been ‘Fish’ , enabling us to look at a simple shape and express it in a variety of ways. We revisited techniques of using watercolours paints and crayons, and experimented using salt into the wet paint. A more extended study has been undertaken in the last two weeks as the children have been making a large mixed media piece with overlapping circles, combining detailed drawing with soft washes of watercolour.
Year 5 have been engineering different vehicles and learning about air propulsion using a balloon to move their model and latterly developing their construction skills to buildi an elastic band powered car.  The practical challenges of these projects have been significant, and the children rose to the challenge, excited and motivated to build the best model they could. There were many opportunities to review, evaluate and develop ideas. The project continues after half term as we add a motor.
Year 6 have been learning about the techniques of batik and the potential pitfalls of hot wax, irons and ink! We have had successful outcomes and many thanks to all the parents for their support in not only providing a white T-shirt to design on, but also in aiding in the washing and ironing of it over the weekend.