I am tremendously proud of the Burton Hathow artists this term, you have created some truly fabulous pieces.

In years 1 and 2 we have focused on mark making as well as developing mapping and drawing skills. 

In Upper school we began the term with an ‘Artist Message to the World’ where the children were asked to create a large piece of art in the style of the artist ‘Bob and Roberta Smith’. There were some fantastic responses which you may have seen in our Celebration Assemblies and on Social Media. 

Year 3 have been drawing, experimenting with a wide range of techniques to add interest and pattern to their work. In Year 4 it has all been about puppets, and this has generated lots of creative thinking and fun, this work will continue after half-term. Year 5 have relished the one-point perspective studies and achieved very well, it is always a challenge to realise that to draw something 3D you have to draw it ‘wrong’ to make it look ‘right’!  Year 6 are working with a degree of independence; they have chosen a subject area and are exploring it in as many ways as they can. We are hoping that some of this work will be in the Art Exhibition which has been rescheduled for the end of the Summer Term.

Many thanks to all parents for supporting the children in the hunt for art materials and supplies, I try to keep it as simple as possible for you all with a promise that clay, plaster, textiles and paint will return to the curriculum in force the moment we are able to open our doors again!