👣Step into the vibrant world of art with Mrs. Burch this term—a snapshot capturing the blossoming creativity, colorful expressions, and inspiring journey of young artists. 🧑‍🎨

🖌️Years 1 and 2 blend creativity and charm in their mixed media goat drawings—expressive strokes and playful hues capture the spirited essence of these delightful creatures.🐐

🌕🌳Guided by Mrs. Burch’s artistic touch, Year 3’s Moonlit Winter Trees unfold a graphite and ink narrative, a poetic response to Friday’s full moon—a harmonious collaboration capturing the essence of nature’s nocturnal allure.🖋️

🍁🍃🌿Nature’s brushstrokes come to life in Year 6’s gelli prints, crafted with forest treasures—leaves and plants entwined in vibrant collaboration, creating a masterpiece that echoes the whispers of the woodland.🌿🍁