This half term has seen lots of three-dimensional design projects, including a focus on clay work for many of the children.  Year 2 went pond dipping and looked at their finds under a microscope. Using these observations they made a ‘wheelie’ dragonfly larvae.  Year 3 are in the process of assembling their fish mobiles, clay fish have been made and painted and the business of learning to tie secure knots to attach the fish will be the task in this final week of the half term.  Year 4 have made the hull of a sailboat in clay and are now stitching cloth to form the sails.  Year 5 have been fully absorbed with axels, bearings and friction as they have experimented with building both balloon propelled vehicles and elastic band powered cars.  In year 6 the children have made slip decorated bowls and are working on their final piece of art at Burton Hathow which is a painting inspired by the artist Michael Craig-Martin, titled ‘Objects of my time’.