It is fantastic to see how much work has been designed, constructed, drawn and painted in this very short half term.  Years 1 and 2 have made simple cars with bearings and axels which they then customised independently.  Year 3 have made clay fish models which have been fired and are ready to be developed into sculptures and last week we had rainbow trout in the art room which they were able to observe and paint.  

The focus for year 4 is boats. The new beach and shallows area down at the lake has been perfect for this. The children being able to stand safely in the water to test rafts and practically understand the principles of floating and sinking, this work is ongoing.  Year 5 revisit car models and have been building on their knowledge of  experimenting with balloon propulsion and elastic band power. Year 6 did observational paintings of Cherry blossom and then working in 3D made slip decorated mugs. Their final challenge this half term was to understand how cams work, and to demonstrate this understanding by making a moving toys complete with 2 cams and a handle.  These will be on show at the Year 6 Leavers Art exhibition at the Summer Fete on Friday 17 June. I hope you will come and celebrate their successes with them.