Lots of lovely work has been emerging this term I am delighted to report.  Years 1 and 2 have been drawing imaginary castles and which included crenelations, arrow slit windows and portcullises. They then have built three dimensional models using cardboard boxes which they overprinted bricks onto.

Year 3 used the brushes they made before half term to work collaboratively to paint winter forest trees. They then cut up sections of the paintings to use a canvas for a precise delicate painting of a snowdrop.

Year 4 have continued with their puppet theme and worked on the most complex ones yet – bird marionettes!  The children in year 5 have concluded their perspective module with panache, their final piece being inspired by the work of the artist Fernand Legér.

Year 6 designed and applied Batik to a t-shirt and revisited mono printing after their trip to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park.  All the children then made dramatic crepe paper flowers for Mother’s Day. I hope they made it home all in one piece!