And then it was summer! Yet another busy half term for Reception. 
The children have looked at different food groups and discussed what makes a healthy meal. They learnt where food comes from and looked after the produce growing outside. After reading Supertato all the children were excited to write about the adventures of the super fruits and vegetables that they created, watching out for the evil onion who was up to no good! 🧅 
The children looked closely at the wild flowers growing and then explored the watercolours to paint them. 
In the woods they helped their friends find a special tree after being blindfolded, this required them to use a range of senses. 
A very wet Tuesday turned into what was described as ‘my best day ever’ by a pupil as the mud mound turned into an amazing slide, complete with landing puddles! 
The children also enjoyed time with Miss Henley and Mrs Wells in preparation for September, including a wonderful Animalympics day, completing animal sports and games with Mr Bell and then an afternoon creating assault courses in the woods. 
A visit from the police and sports day also featured highly as brilliant days by the children. 
We think they have earnt a well deserved holiday, (as have we)!
Mrs Bowden and Miss South