The children have settled so well into Reception, picking up classroom routines and approaching activities with enthusiasm. Our topic ‘Under the Sea’ has been wonderful, with lots of questions and research into the creatures that live there. It was enhanced by the opportunity to visit The Deep, at Hull which the children thoroughly enjoyed.

The children have shown their artistic flair with paintings and collage, spoon mermaids and amazing 3d shape inspired models. After reading the rainbow fish they made healthy vegetable pizzas, shaped like fish, and added individual scales to a large class fish. 

The children have loved exploring our loose parts area and take photographs of the creations they make, before returning the parts to their original baskets. It has been fantastic listening to them talk to their friends as they create, negotiating and taking turns. The small word area has also been a favourite and lots of imaginative play, fun and laughter has been witnessed here.

Outside the children have explored changes as we move into autumn, collecting acorns and estimating how many we had, and gathering apples from our trees and enjoying them as our morning snack. They have built boats from pieces of bark, designing, and adding masts and flags before testing their ability to float back in the classroom. Opportunities to use hammers to make their initial letter and then wrap with wool gave the children a sense of achievement and they were very focused, getting the nails the same length and avoiding hitting their fingers!

Next half term we will be moving from the bottom of the sea and travelling a long way as we embark on the topic ‘Space’. 

We wish you all a wonderful half term.

Mrs Bowden and Miss South