We cannot believe we are halfway through the summer term already!. Our topic is ‘Back to the Future’ and the children have thoroughly enjoyed travelling right back to the Stone Age!  They were immersed from day one, when the reading area turned into a cave and the children were cooking fish to eat for their supper on the campfire and wearing animal skins to keep warm. They created stone shelters and decorated large pebbles with numbers to use in the maths area. They looked at the first drawings and created their own woolly mammoth pictures which we have displayed on our class ceiling. They made paintbrushes from sticks, grasses and plants being foraging for materials to create paints. These were then experimented with out in the garden area, some with more success than others. The children loved finding out about Stonehenge and lots of research has gone into this. 

Moving on the timeline we have discovered lots of information on her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, with budding fashion designers creating her an outfit and of course the matching hat! Taking us back to our own childhoods the children made mud cakes and puddings and added some beautiful floral decorations to symbolise the Platinum Jubilee Pudding competition, and what wonderful creations they made. The children have read instructions on how to wash a woolly mammoth and then used these skills to make their own set of instructions to make jam sandwiches. All celebrated with a wonderful tea party. Decorating biscuits fit for royalty was a firm favourite with icing and ‘glamour gold and silver cake decorations’ being the perfect resource. 

After coppicing some willow whips from the bottom of the sports field the children learnt how to remove the leaves in one go before weaving the whips to form a crown. The children had lots of ideas which decorations were going onto these, and they were all very individual. Now who could have thought the humble cardboard box would cause so much excitement in the classroom, well this selection did! Just look at what they created, Buckingham Palace, complete with flags, which stands well beside the peg Beefeaters, guarding the front.

We hope you have a lovely Spring Bank holiday and look forward to seeing what you all did to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee. 

Miss South and Mrs Bowden