Well, can you believe it? We are at the end of the academic year! It has been an up and down year and the children have adapted amazingly. We are immensely proud of our children and the resilience they have shown during these times. This term our focus was ‘In the Garden’ and the children have loved planting and taking care of all the lovely plants parents donated. It supported lots of discussion about the different types of plants we have grown and how we need to take care of them. The children have been very engaged in the mud kitchen this term which prompted them to make a lovely herb garden which, when established, they will then be able to use in their mud soup! I think the highlight for this term must be Sports Day! The children just loved practising once the lines went on and to top it off inviting parents just made their day. I think you will all agree, it was a glorious day. However, along with the highs there are always some lows, and it is that time of year when our children get ready to move up to the next class.  Transition has been a huge success, the Caterpillars have loved their mornings in Butterflies and experiencing lunch in the hall. They are definitely ready to grow their wings and fly off to be big Butterflies! Their Butterfly wings are fully spread in preparation for Reception. They have spent some lovely mornings building a relationship with Mrs Bowden and exploring their new environment.