As signs of spring began to appear our attention turned to woodland animals. The children have loved talking about nocturnal animal’s and looking closely at all the different footprints each animal makes. They are now always on the lookout when out in the woods. After reading ‘An Egg is Quiet’ the children were very inspired by the story of a nest. Out in the woods, they began collecting sticks as they decided we needed to make a nest for the birds. There was lots of discussion around making it soft inside. The children came up with the idea of using dead grass and leaves.  In amazement to the children an egg appeared a few days later… the children are waiting anxiously to see what is inside. There has being lots of suggestion that it might be a dinosaur!

Alongside this the Caterpillars have been really engaged in drawing this term and using different median. They have particularly enjoyed looking at the flowers we planted before winter and drawing their interpretations of them. Butterflies have been initiating lots building and have enjoyed making paths where they have to travel over and under things, using various constructions material as well as objects from around the room!