Although the term started off a little differently the children settled in beautifully and took everything in their stride! We started the term learning all about ourselves. The Caterpillars used books such as The Gruffallo and the Hungary Caterpillar as they learnt all about their own different features. Whilst the Butterflies learnt about their bodies, they also looked at the wider world around them and we focused on who we live with, what type of house we live in and where in the world they live. This prompted lots of conversation and it always amazes us how much knowledge our children have at such a young age. We have had a lovely term with Mrs Nowell, who has been teaching us all about rhythm and beats which involved using lots of fun instruments and we just loved it when she brings in her keyboard!PE is always a happy day… Mr Bell has been focusing teaching on ball skills this  term which has been a little tricky at times but with a little bit of practice and perseverance the Butterflies made excellent progress.The children love being outdoors, which pleases Miss Smith and Mrs Flinders who have had a lovely time supporting them in the Forest, doing lots of treasure hunts, rolling in mud and enjoying a campfire or two. Glitter then began to fall and the Christmas festivities began! We enjoyed finishing of the term learning new songs, practicing our acting skills and getting creative making lots of lovely Christmas decorations!  We hope all our new families have enjoyed their first term with their new Burton Hathow family.