With the weather ever changing at the beginning of the term, intrigue and curiosity in all of our children was sparked. We started off by learning all about the weather cycle. We went on a journey of a water droplet and the children found it amazing how it comes down from the clouds before making our puddles and traveling back up again. After watching the weather forecast, they enjoyed using the different weather symbols to record the weather each day!

As Jack Frost began to make an appearance it fitted in well with our topic as the children wanted to go to the South Pole to learn all about the Arctic, which they decided we could get to by boat after reading ‘Lost and Found’.

First, we learnt all about sinking and floating, we thought that was a good idea, before we set sail! The children used various junk modelling items to test what way would be the best to build a boat. Once we had done that, we then set sail. The children discovered that polar bears and killer whales live in in the North Pole before then heading south to discover where penguins live. The children loved learning all about the different animals and talking about the great big icebergs, often pretending that the big pieces of ice they found outside were icebergs! Referring back to our globe, the children began to talk about the big blue parts of the world and it never ceases to amaze us how much knowledge our little children have. Their knowledge about things that live in the sea was very extensive, some of them could even name certain creatures that lived down in the deep deep part of the ocean! I think we may have some David Attenborough’s amongst us!