As part of #childrensmentalhealthweek we are asking our children to think about what it means to have a healthy mind as we are explore and promote different ways in which we might express ourselves and our feelings.

Children, like adults, have a multitude of worries and feelings, some of which may seem trivial to us but to a young person, they are significant, relevant and incredibly real. The fear of failure, of not being liked, of family conflict or struggles with work all feature in the day to day lives of our young people, to a greater or lesser degree, and here at Burton Hathow we are continuously looking at ways to support and educate our young people into cultivating healthier minds.

Mrs Lyons, Pastoral Head, operates an ‘open all hours’ policy, where pupils can knock on her office door, or find her around school, at any time they might need a chat. This policy extends into lockdown where pupils can contact Mrs Lyons, or any other member of staff, via Teams, if they feel they need support – or just as importantly, would like to share a recent success or new goal they’ve set for themselves.

Positive mental heath sets the foundations for a balanced life and provides stepping stones to social and emotional wellbeing, At BH we recognise this, which is why promoting and facilitating good mental health remains at the forefront of our ethos and aims.

This morning our form periods have been replaced with a whole school assembly to discuss the topics above.