We have had great success at the ISA Regional (Midlands) Art Competiton this year, and have four pieces that won first place and are subsequently entered into the National final. 
Years 2 and 3 won with ‘Our Wildflower Meadow for Ukraine’, this was a collaborative painting composed of two panels each 160 cm x 70 cm. 
Isabella Blakely won with her ‘Self-portrait’ in the KS1 Drawing category. 
Amelie Fawcett’s ‘Batik Embroidered Turtle’ won the KS2 Textile category.
Matthew Pitfield was first with his ’Stoneware Mug’ in the 3D Individual KS2 category.
In addition to these finalists, Tom Clifton in Year 6 was Highly Commended for his Self-portrait in the KS2 drawing category, and Years 2 and 3 were placed second for their collaborative 3D ‘Car Journey’.
We are tremendously proud of all these achievements across both key stages in the disciplines of drawing, painting, batik, embroidery, ceramics, printing and 3D construction.
We wish our finalists all the luck in the world for the final on 17-18 November.